South East TRI grades Open to F, 10-06-18, Gillingham

Report written by Michelle Fricker

Some of the Open to F team were in action this Sunday, with some very positive performances. Tabby Podger and Beth Freeman were up first, taking part in the U19g F category. Both very keen to qualify up, they were definitely nervous. Tabby showed some fantastic warm ups but sadly made a couple of mistakes on her set and vol which cost her scores and the qualifying score. After disappointment at the last competition Beth was pleased to successfully produce a set and vol with great maintenance of height. Finishing 6th (48.1)and 7th (47.9) respectively Tabby and Beth both have aspects of their performance they can be pleased with and are also looking forward to making further improvements for next time. Well done both.

In the U15g E category, Eloise Plant showed some great routines and narrowly missed out on a trophy, finishing in 4th place with a score of 50.4. It was great to see Eloise competing a more difficult vol and she should be very pleased with herself. Well done Eloise.

Lily Irvine made her debut to grade D in the U19g age group, having leapfrogged at her last competition. At training Lily has worked so hard on her routines, performing routine after routine each session. This was clearly evident at the competition and despite making quite big mistakes in both her set and vol she was so well prepared she fought back both times to successfully complete her routines and with beautiful style too. She was able to do this because she has performed the routine so many times in training and she should be very proud of herself. After the set and vol Lily had qualified through to the finals in 3rd place with a score of 75.12. Unfortunately, despite a great final routine, the others in the group also stepped up their game and Lily finished in 4th with a score of 39.27. Still, 4th place at her first grade D is not bad at all! Well done Lily!

As ever, many thanks to Debbie Borthwick, Jayne Young, Shelley Bechelli and Kim Kennedy who officiated so that we could enter.

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