Tony Fricker.

Tony works as a trampoline coach and IT developer. Now that is variety! He has been trampolining since he was 3 and competed in National competitions until 2009. Tony was the founding member of Skybound and continues to work keeping the club running as well as representing the club as the SE regional Trampoline Technical committee secretary.





Michelle Fricker.

Michelle has been a member of Skybound for many years now, also starting as a child herself. She is now a coach and judge for the club. Michelle has competed at National level for the club for many years now and is always found coaching the club squad.





Deborah Borthwick.

Deborah became involved in trampolining originally by attending sessions with her children. She has since become more involved and is now a club coach and national judge. If you see Deborah any time no doubt she will have a coffee in her hand (allthough this will be decaf now) and will be making plans for the kettle to be put on again.





Lisa Borthwick.

Lisa has also been a member of Skybound for many years now, also starting as a young child herself. She is now a level 1 coach for the club and competes regularly. When she is not trampolining you will find her running around a netball court.





Amy Thomas.

Amy has been competing for many years at National level for Skyound. Amy is now also a coach for the club and is seen in many of our sessions helping out however she can.





Jayne Young.

Jayne has become involved with the club after attending with her daughter Michaella. She has now taken his club judge award and often steps in on the judging panel for the club.






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